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Despite risks, case law, and prominent headlines, in-house Legal & IT disconnect is increasing

Posted by Johnny Lee on June 17, 2010

The second annual survey from software provider Recommind polled senior Information Technology (IT) managers at large enterprises and found a troubling trend. The results indicate that in-house legal and IT teams are growing even further apart on matters related to eDiscovery and regulatory compliance.

The disconnect seems to include more than the traditional “separated by a common language” symptoms that have defined historical tensions between the groups.  The survey results seem to indicate that these groups are both failing to collaborate on everything from buying decisions to “live fire” exercises.

Leaving aside the obvious conclusion that this disconnect creates risk for the organization, what’s equally troubling is that these risks are increasing precisely when the regulatory and litigation environments are primed for an explosion of new activity—from FCPA actions to new regulations in a host of industries, ranging from healthcare to financial services.  The survey’s authors properly conclude that the remedy consists of establishing policies and procedures that focus upon making these exercises a creature of routine operations and reinforcing these through training and education.

Click here for the official survey results.

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