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eDiscovery meets CMM…a new benchmarking model

Posted by Johnny Lee on September 21, 2010

EDRM CMMThe excellent consortium of experts at EDRM have delivered a tremendous service to organizations that are wrestling with in-house Electronic Discovery program development.   At long last, a vendor-agnostic framework exists to inform and to guide companies seeking to improve their litigation readiness capabilities without over-engineering their policies or procedures or purchasing technology that underwhelms because it’s misaligned to strategy.

As with any Capability Maturity Model (“CMM”), the basic utility of the model is the objective way in which it identifies key indicators of capability across people, process, and technology within a given organization.  If you’re unfamiliar with the good folks at the Electronic Discovery Reference Model, I strongly recommend you review their excellent research.

This model, developed as part of the EDRM White Paper Series, will help organizations benchmark their current capabilities along a straightforward spectrum.  Additionally, the CMM permits insights into which level of capability is optimal for a given organization, given its unique risk profile, which should cut down immensely on the “boil the ocean” reticence many organizations face when they first embark down the path of developing an eDiscovery readiness program.  Sincere kudos to the great work at EDRM!

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