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ForensicUpdate Editor to join Foltz Martin Panel…

Posted by Johnny Lee on October 4, 2010

Foltz Editor, Johnny Lee, will join a panel discussion hosted by the good folks at law firm Foltz Martin LLC.  The panel, the last in the 2010 four-part series on Strategies for a Recovering Economy, will be held on November 16, 2010 in Atlanta at the  Conference Center (Buckhead).  The topic will be the efficiencies and cost-effective benefits of a solid data management infrastructure.

Today, over 95% of all content created is digital.  The cost to acquire digital storage continues to drop, but unregulated content presents significant risks for today’s organizations as they wrestle with a host of regulatory rules, compliance issues, industry standards, integration concerns, and litigation exposure.  How do organizations reconcile the low cost to acquire storage with the high cost of mismanaging it?  How can companies safely address this source of risk?  How does a company arrive at the solution that is right-sized for its particular business model?  How can you access and utilize your internal data to make more effective business decisions and increase profitability, decrease response time, and better take control of your operation?

Please join us for a discussion of how to identify the risks and opportunities facing business today; what role policy, procedure, training, and technology play; and how best to tailor a program to address those risks and take advantage of opportunities.  Please click here for more details or to contact the event organizers.


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