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What can we learn from the rash of revelations related to sizable hacks in 2012?

Posted by Johnny Lee on September 9, 2016

bitglass_wheres_your_data_thumbnail1Posit the research, which indicates that the average length of an un-detected compromise is in excess of 200 days. Couple that with research from security outfit Bitglass, and you’ve got some shocking correlations that put 2012 into a broader perspective.

That experiment employed data-tracking technology to track the traverse of sensitive data on the dark web post-compromise.
The upshot: In 12 days, these data were access 1,100 times within 22 countries, with two different cyber-crime syndicates sharing data with their peers…imagine how often compromised 2012 data changed hands over 4 years!

Bitglass Research

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