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Today’s #GoodGuysPrevail Update…

Posted by Johnny Lee on August 8, 2022

The U.S. Department of Justice recently charged six defendants in four separate crypto-related fraud cases:

  • the largest known #NFT scheme charged to date;
  • a global #Ponzi scheme involving unregistered securities;
  • a fraudulent #ICO; and
  • a fraudulent investment fund.

Like prior #GGP updates, these cases reflect the herculean efforts of coordinated #lawenforcement and #digitalforensic efforts. Kudos to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the United States Attorneys’​ Offices, the Department of Homeland Security, Office of Inspector General.

If you believe that you are a victim of the Baller Ape Club, EmpiresX, TBIS, and Circle Society schemes, please visit the DOJ website for details on how to submit your “Victim Impact Statement” (and thereby register as a victim).

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Today’s #GoodGuysPrevail Update…

Posted by Johnny Lee on August 4, 2022

The U.S. Department of Justice seized assets worth $500k USD from North Korean hackers targeting U.S.-based #healthcare organizations. The seized North Korean assets were either monies directly extorted from companies or monies used in laundering #ransomware payments.

In addition to the general #karma of this action, there was an object lesson about public-private sector collaborations as well. The prompt reporting by one healthcare victim allowed the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to identify a new strand of North Korean ransomware.

Of course, $500k is a pittance compared against the hundreds of millions of dollars stolen by North Korean cyber actors in recent years. Just the same, it’s important to trumpet the “wins” wherever we can find them.

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