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Johnny Lee

Johnny Lee is a forensic investigator, management consultant, and attorney, specializing in data analytics and digital forensics in support of cybersecurity and corporate investigations and related litigation.  He also provides advisory services to companies working to address complex Blockchain, Digital Asset, and Data Privacy issues.

He is a frequent speaker, author, panelist, and contributor on issues involving Blockchain, CyberSecurity, Forensic Investigations, Data Analytics, Cryptocurrency, and the effective use (and risk management) of Information Technology.  He operates the blog, and he can be found on Twitter via the handle @ForensicUpdate. Johnny received his Juris Doctorate from the Georgia State University College of Law and his Bachelor’s degree from Emory University.  He was admitted to the State Bar of Georgia in 2000, where he maintains an active law license.

He has delivered solutions (in both the public and private sector) addressing the effective mitigation of business, compliance, and litigation risk to Law Firms; General Counsel; Boards of Directors; Audit Committees; and Chief Financial, Compliance, Information, and Operations executives.  He has led project teams across a variety of industries, including financial services, healthcare, retail, insurance, advanced technology, communications, private equity / venture capital, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, transportation, and legal.

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